09 Dec

TweetHood at YC Startup School 2012

Posted by TweetHood

Such a great experience beta testing during the Y Combinator’s Startup School 2012 this October! Lots of awesome ideas and inspirational talks.

With more than 2000 people tweeting to exchange thoughts, it was a great opportunity to try out TweetHood. One does not have the time to speak to many people, so I got my iPhone out and selected the Memorial Hall at Stanford University to be my TweetZone. This was an amazing experience! I got to see the immediate reaction of people to the talks and ideas presented! As I got to have a few conversations with people during the networking breaks, I felt like I was able to connect the local conversations with the global feel of the event. Tweethood proved to be an awesome tool during this events!

It was great being physically present at the event. However, with Tweethood, it can be just as breathtaking monitoring the actions at such events from thousands of miles away! You can still be present at the local conversations.

Below are several examples of the tweets that were flying around. You can see the full list of the tweets from Startup School 2012 here.